Legend of Zelda Wedding Inspiration Guide

Sos, if you know anything about me or spent anytime on this blog, you know I love Legend of Zelda AND weddings.

If I was going to re-do my wedding, I’d probably add a touch of Zelda and an over top the flowy elven princess dress. But, alas, I had a normal basic bro wedding. So, I thought it would be fun to put together a Legend of Zelda wedding inspiration guide for couples looking to add a touch of Hyrule to their day. Since I didn’t and I can now live vicariously through you 🙂

Before we get started, all photos are clickable back to the original source in case you wanted to purchase for yourself or explore further.

Before there is a wedding there is usually an engagement, which means pretty rings. Feast your eyes on these beauts. The first one is so pretty, I think I’m going to casually suggest it as a ten year anniversary gift to my husband.

This seller has a lot of beautiful rings for Zelda fans.

Now for the menfolk.

Wedding dresses are so much fun! For the bride who wants to go all out, here are some options. First up, is a beautiful dress from FireFly Path I think all Zelda fans have swooned over at one point.

Next up are some options that felt Zelda to me, and that I think with the right accessories people would pick up what you’re puttin’ down.

This one is a beautiful vintage dress that I would never fit into.

There aren’t a lot of options for the menfolk out there. There’s the standard suit, where you can add a touch of green or purple (if you’re going Twilight Princess) with your vest, and then have tiny touches in with your socks and cufflinks. If you want to go all out, here’s an option. It does say “Elven Prince” and who doesn’t want to look like one of those?

I think anything braids and curls would fit a Zelda wedding as far as hair goes.

Add in a circlet, tiara, whatever you want to call it and you pretty much nailed Zelda inspired hair.

Next up the wedding invitations. First is an invitation that doesn’t really scream Zelda, but that I thought sort of had a Zelda feel if you’re looking for a subtle woodland or rustic wedding.

These invitations are definitely ZELDA, but they don’t feel five-year-old birthday party to me, which is important for any classy fandom wedding.

When it comes to venues, there’s a lot of settings that would work for a Zelda wedding: castles, woods, or even an olde thyme English building setting would work. Below are some ceremony locations that people adapted to the Zelda theme or that made me think Zelda when I saw them.

Great Deku Tree? Just me?

Details. If you head over to Etsy, you can find lots of little things for Zelda that can be added into details. Things like card boxes, champagne glasses, and a great deku print for guests to sign. Below are some of my favorite Zelda decorations from around the web.

Florals are another important aspect of the wedding day. I really like the pink and white floral combination, and it’s a great nod to our favorite Nintendo princess.

I also think a simple green bouquet would also be super pretty. It’s also very vogue right now.

When it comes to color themes, my word of advice is to go one of three ways: purple and white, pink and white, or green and white. You might be able to get away with green and gold, but I think only touches of gold would work. Green and gold could be really pretty in the fall though. I’ve also seen people try to pull off purple and pink and it ends up hurting the eyes.

So, there’s my LOZ Wedding Inspo Guide. I hope it gave you some ideas on how to add some of your favorite fandom into your big day. Don’t forget anything can be made to look like something with a little imagination. For instance, little terrarium centerpieces might not scream Zelda, but are definitely a nod to the Kokori Forest.

Slap a tiny little paper navi in there, and boom, instant Zelda couture.

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