10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a Fandom Wedding

  1. What fandoms do you want represented at your wedding?

    This may seem like a simple question at first, but when it comes to fandoms most of us love more than one. Add in a partner with other fandom loves that may differ and things can start to get complicated.

    So, if you’re a chronic fandomer (like me) it helps to think about what ones are the most important to you and why. For me, Zelda would be my top fandom.

    One summer, I spent countless hours playing of Ocarina of Time with my grandfather. I remember hearing the opening sequence and being captivated. He had already played so many times that he was my walk-through guide. He introduced me to gaming and he introduced me to the beautiful story of Zelda. Granted, one that I have taken and made so much larger in my head than the story in the game, but one I love and always go back to.
  2. How do you want to incorporate your fandoms into the wedding?

    Do you want to subtle details or a in your face fandom affair? Tiny details that represent the fandom with jewelry, cuff-links, and shoes. Or, a full on fandom affair with in your face details like Harry Potter floating candles and house banners draping the walls.

    There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s whatever you feel comfortable with, but you should definitely go with what will make you and your partner the happiest. For tips on how to throw a fandom wedding, check out this article!
  3. The tag-along question to the above is, how much do you want your guests to participate in your theme?

    Should guests come in costume? Bring a prop? Maybe guests aren’t in full costume but do something like a Disney bounding outfit that alludes to the chosen theme, or even their favorite fandoms.
  4. What kind of wedding outfit are you going to wear?

    Traditional? Custom? DIY?

    The traditional option has a lot more availability. And, with a little imagination and subtle fandom details you can find the perfect dress or outfit. Lots of places carry dresses in different colors and styles. Also, who says the wedding dress has to be a “wedding” dress even if it is bought from a traditional retailer.

    There are also designers who do custom orders, like Firefly Path or MollyNguyenDesign. You can definitely find someone to create your wedding outfit masterpiece.
  5. What will your budget for the wedding be?

    A normal question for any planning any wedding. How much are you willing to spend on the venue, photographer, florist, etc. What is most important to you? Do you want to create an enchanting atmosphere and have the perfect venue picked out? If so, maybe food isn’t as important to you.

    Here’s my why photography is important plug: it’s the only tangible item you will have that documents your whole wedding day. Other than your spouse 😉
  6. Are you going to be a DIYer or hire someone to make things for you?

    I’m thinking most of my fandom wedding clients are expert DIYers. But, with the added stress of a wedding day, you may want someone else to handle creating those invitations, making the centerpieces. Something to think about. If you can, what would you want to potentially delegate out?
  7. What will the environment of the venue be like?

    Do you want a inside reception? Outdoors? If the reception is going to be outdoors, is their a backup plan for inclement weather? How easy will it be to transform the space into a magical fandom party?

    When I was looking for a wedding venue, I wanted something that I could do the ceremony and reception in one place. I also wanted the whole thing to be outside with a backup plan for rain. Let me just say, when you find the venue you know. When we arrived at this cute little historical B&B property, I knew it was our venue. It had what I was looking for, and we could rent the whole property for the whole weekend. We basically had a party that started on Friday and lasted until Sunday morning. It was so much fun!
  8. What will the ceremony look like?

    There are so many options for ceremonies, whether you are religious or not. Whatever you’re into, there is a ceremony for it.
  9. Do you want the fandom to be reflected in reception actives?

    Some potential ideas: board games at each table, a Just Dance setup to dance the night away, the Sorting Hat placing people instead of a seating chart, a light saber battle instead of a first dance.
  10. How do you find vendors who align with your fandom vision?

    If you are doing subtle details, you can get away with vendors who do traditional weddings all the time. Just pick people who vibe with you and that you think will be a happy, calm presence on your day.

    If you are doing a wedding that is deep fandom, I think hiring vendors who geek out over the details as much as you is important. They will be SO EXCITED to participate in your wedding and do everything they can to make it awesome. If their eyes light up when you’re talking about your ideas, then you found your vendor.

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